about lingo telecom

Lingo Telecom offers organizational efficiency in both cost savings and revenue-generation opportunities.

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  • Enabling workers to be more mobile without sacrificing functionality.

  • Enhanced communications literacy, allowing employees to do their job almost anywhere, using more telephony features, and more often, than were available to them previously.

  • Less telephone “lags”—saving an average of four hours per week per employee.

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  • Reducing time needed for normal support tasks—such as moves, additions and changes.

  • Less time providing help desk support for telephony because users are able to operate more independently.


While other companies are talking about making telecommunications simple, LINGO delivers simplicity without compromising the level of service that business customers expect. Telecommunications is all about reliability. LINGO provides end-to-end services with a broad product suite backed by trustworthy and dependable customer service. Through our strategic partner relationships, LINGO is able to offer a one stop shop for all your voice, data, and cabling needs. We have aligned ourselves with industry leaders to deliver first class service for our customers. Our vision is to be the most reliable Telecommunications supplier in the world.


Lingo Telecom strives to understand your Lingo and the operation of your back office creating a dynamic working environment. Lingo was founded on integrity, passion, ethics, and strong values. We strive to provide quality, reliability and outstanding service by finding the best solution at the best price, and ensuring that the customer is always number one. We are committed to providing 100% satisfaction to our clients with the highest level of support-24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Winning Tech’s Group of Companies was formed so you can have ONE company responsible for all of your IT needs.